These are some of the best blogs to follow on hiking and walking based in the UK.

Trek Addict/ Hiking and Trekking Blog –

If you are an avid hiker, trekker, or mountaineer, you will love the articles and discussions on this blog. The blog consists out of different people who enjoy hiking in mountains. They will keep you up to date on the latest hiking, trekking, and adventure news that goes on in the UK. You can also read articles on route guides and reviews on equipment.

You can expect up to 1 post per week on this blog.

The Helpful Hiker / Ideas & inspiration to help everyone enjoy the outdoor –

The Helpful Hiker will provide ideas and inspiration to help anybody looking to start hiking or just enjoy the outdoors. The blog also gives personal recommendations for camping and camping sites. You can also read articles and discussions on Where to walk or just enjoy a day out in the outdoors.

You can expect up to 4 posts a quarter on this blog.

Simply Hike UK / Blog –

This blog caters to hikers and walkers, and you can keep up to date with all the latest news around hiking and walking events with their articles. They provide reviews of the latest kits, highlights of the best places to choose for hiking and walks, and also post advice articles.

Bowlandclimber –

This blogs creator writes about his experiences as a hill climber and walker living on the edge of Bowland Fells in Lancashire. He writes articles on his daily hiking trails and climbs through the long-distance routes and provides information on several climbing venues in the area.

You can expect 1 post per day on this blog.

Ruth’s Coastal Walk (UK) –

This blog was started in 2010 by Ruth who also writes all the articles and posts on the blog. This blog documents her walks around the coast. The blog starts in the North Norfolk regions and heads clockwise towards the shore. She follows paths and tracks and takes many photographs of the scenery and routes.

You can expect 1 post per day on this blog.

Following any of these blogs can provide a lot of information and tips on how to enjoy your hikes and outdoor adventures. If you are new to walking and hiking, some of these blogs can help you get started.