3 Benefits of Walking

Walking is seen as a form of exercise, and it can significantly improve your mental and physical health by taking walks every day. It can improve life expectancy and also prevent disease and boost energy levels.

Many studies have been done on the effects of walking daily and how it can benefit any individual. Walking is the easiest way to get exercise and it can improve general wellbeing in any individual.

Here we have a look at the benefits of walking and some of the research that has been done into how walking can benefit us.

Boost Immune System

Walking regularly can help protect you from getting general colds, flu, and other immune-related illnesses. This is due to the increase of white blood cells circulating in the blood when exercising. These white blood cells fight infection and other diseases as part of the body’s immune system.

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A 2013 study proved that the amount of white blood cells increases significantly when walking for only 5 minutes or doing any other physical activities for at least 5 minutes. This study was done at the World Journal of Experimental Medicine.

In 2005, a study was published at the American College of Sports Medicine and showed that white blood cell counts of 15 adults improved after a 30-minute walk.

Increase Energy Levels

Walking can increase blood flow around the body for more blood containing oxygen and nutrients to access and reach the large muscles in the legs as well as the brain, which makes you feel more energized.

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Walking and other exercises can also increase the amount of protein found in the brain. It is responsible for feeling better and more energized and helps the way you think and memorize. A study in 2008 by the Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Journal found that previously sedentary adults were feeling more energetic after 20 minutes of walking exercise.

Improve General Heart Health

Walking reduces your risk of cardiovascular events. Cardiovascular events can be seen as any incident that damages your heart, such as a heart attack. Walking can reduce these incidents by 31%.

Page image 3 Benefits of Walking Improve General Heart Health - 3 Benefits of Walking

The longer and faster you walk, the better the exercise will work and the more benefits and protection your heart will achieve. In 2017, it was proven that people who walked faster than others were 24% less likely to die from heart disease compared to walkers who walked at a slower pace and shorter distance.

By starting out walking short distances every day, you can increase your health and general wellbeing significantly and be able to memorize and feel energized more each day. Developing better wellbeing can also increase productivity in our daily life with work, parenting, and other responsibilities.